simple and intuitivedynamic and modulardesign without limits
simple and intuitive
even a baby can use it
dynamic and modular
choose the modules to activate
design without limits
to stand in the internet sea


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New Website Villa Sole di Capri

header with managed images

This realization shows some of the winning features of Pliant, extreme flexibility in layout and ease of using them. Perfectly suited to the needs of those working in the tourism sector through the management of news, guestbook and availability, however, maintains that it complies with the W3C sta...
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Pliant - Easy website management

Pliant is a new CMS system designed and built entirely by EzCons . Allows extreme flexibility 's layout and management of your site. You can have a website "unique " with lots of features .

What is a CMS?

CMS means Content Management System . This is a web publishing software that allows anyone to manage a website autonomously in real time without requiring an update to its webmaster. With Pliant CMS you can create or edit the information contained in the pages through a simple interface .

What technical skills requires Pliant CMS?

One of the advantages of Pliant CMS is that does not require any particular technical expertise, in fact you should not be an expert programmer or an HTML master. Just have a little convenience with web browsing and editing of texts.