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New Website Villa Sole di Capri

header with managed images

This realization shows some of the winning features of Pliant, extreme flexibility in layout and ease of using them. Perfectly suited to the needs of those working in the tourism sector through the management of news, guestbook and availability, however, maintains that it complies with the W3C sta...
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Developed with Codeigniter

framework codeigniter

Pliant is developed through the use of an excellent framework PHP 5: Codeigniter.

Using this development environment has made possible the use of the latest programming techniques, promoting flexibility in a CMS.

multiplatform and multibrowser

visible on different operating systems

We do not care only to provide a simple and intuitive interface, but we also work to ensure the full functioning of the system on different platforms and different browsers.

excellent performance

excellent performance

By using the latest technology in software development, Pliant can boast high performance.

scalable and flexible

scalable and flexible cms

Pliant can be easily adapted to any customer requirement, from a brochure website to a web portal.