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New Website Villa Sole di Capri

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This realization shows some of the winning features of Pliant, extreme flexibility in layout and ease of using them. Perfectly suited to the needs of those working in the tourism sector through the management of news, guestbook and availability, however, maintains that it complies with the W3C sta...
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Pubblicato sito web La Tagliata

In this case, Pliant has been used successfully to manage a website for the restaurant, in the particular case studied two graphic templates to choose from to create a new page.

The customer can independently enter events, special offers and photos of the theme nights organized at La Tagliata.

Pliant has proven to be a successful business for the management of websites for restaurants, we have studied different forms of contact can be inserted at strategic points in order to submit a site contact.

Link: La Tagliata


cms for restaurant
cms for restaurant
cms for restaurant