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New Website Villa Sole di Capri

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This realization shows some of the winning features of Pliant, extreme flexibility in layout and ease of using them. Perfectly suited to the needs of those working in the tourism sector through the management of news, guestbook and availability, however, maintains that it complies with the W3C sta...
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blog module

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With blog module of Pliant CMS you can manage a dynamic blog to discuss the topics more interesting.

newletter module

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With the newsletter module of Pliant is possible to use the power of direct email marketing sending new business proposals to your customers.

news/events module

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Using the news / events module you can publish new events or news autonomously.

special deal module

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With the special deals module of Pliant you can manage special deals to give your customers special discounts or promotions on your services.

social network module

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Using the social networks module can fully integrate your website with facebook or twitter.

weather module

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With the weather module of Pliant you can show on your website the weather situation in your city.

guestbook module

guestbook module cms
With the guestbook module, your customers can interact with your website, expressing an opinion on your service.