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New Website Villa Sole di Capri

header with managed images

This realization shows some of the winning features of Pliant, extreme flexibility in layout and ease of using them. Perfectly suited to the needs of those working in the tourism sector through the management of news, guestbook and availability, however, maintains that it complies with the W3C sta...
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Some websites that use Pliant

Here's some of our customers already using Pliant, the CMS for everyone!

EzCons - Our Web Agency website

cms for webagency

CMS for Web Agency

Could not miss our website agency! Totally made with Pliant with different templates and layout, facebook integration, news and portfolio module.

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Villa Sole di Capri - Website for holiday villa rent

cms for hotel b&b

CMS for holiday villa rental

The website framed by an elegant design is rich of features such as special offers, events and guestbook.

Positano Life Style - Tourism portal

cms for tourism portal

CMS for tourism portal

Pliant has been adjusted to go against the needs of the tourist consortium of Positano, adding functionality to create entries for each member.

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Gianluigi Di Maio Photographer - Website for Photographer

cms for Photographer

CMS for Photographers

This site is a clear example of how Pliant can be used with a special layout design.

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Benvenuto Driver - Website for Taxi services

cms for taxi service

CMS for taxi service

In addition to the guestbook module and special offers this is a particularly website rich of content in multiple languages.

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Fabio Fusco - Cms for Photographer

Cms for Photographer

Photogallery of Fabio Fusco

Another excellent example of an innovative layout and shows the flexibility of Pliant. The customization module allows guestbook to comment on the photos.

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